The use of titanium alloys on ships is very promising.
This is related to the strength and toughness of the titanium alloy, and it is also corrosion resistance. Titanium in seawater is extremely stable, and it can basically be considered that the hull will not corrode, which can reduce maintenance costs and 2113 can be reduced The weight of the hull is a great advantage for the ship.

The first reason is that titanium is non-magnetic, which is of great help against magnetic detection;
The second is the inherent fusion with advanced ship composite coatings. These coatings can be perfectly integrated with titanium alloys.

titanium alloys (1)
The military and aerospace industries must be the largest users of titanium alloys. The concept of a new type of “cormorant” unmanned attack aircraft carried by a submarine. It belongs to an unmanned fighter plane that has been used repeatedly. Because the passageway to and from 4102 is mainly seawater, the whole machine is made of titanium alloy. The air intake of this machine is located in the nose part, which is triangular.

titanium alloys

The application of titanium alloys on the Navy is also very extensive. Each typhoon class uses about 9,000 tons of titanium, which is equivalent to the total titanium production in China now! In addition to being used on the shell of the submarine, titanium is used in the submarine pipes and condensers. Now almost all submarines and surface ships are made of titanium, which can be said to be used in submarines and ships. In the life of 1653, there is no need to replace the titanium condenser under normal circumstances, one can save maintenance costs, and the second will not reduce the attendance rate due to the problem of condenser failure.

titanium alloys

Titanium and its alloys will usher in rapid development in the future civilian and military fields. Corresponding titanium products include titanium plates, titanium rods, and titanium tubes. Please feel free to contact us if necessary.


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