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Coating: Ruthenium Iridium
Coating thickness: 8-10um
Substrate: gr1 titanium mesh and plate

titanium anode mesh

Electroplating auxiliary anodes produced by HS METAL have the following characteristics:
1. The shape and size are stable, so that the current distribution is uniform and the plating uniformity is maintained.
2. The delivery packaging is customized to ensure the quality of the product, avoid damage and corrosion of inferior electrodes during the electroplating process, and stop the production line to clean and replace the anode, thereby improving production efficiency.
3. After special process and formula, the precious metal coating has high activity, which makes the regeneration of electroplating additives play a strong catalytic role.
4. Using titanium base material, the anode has a long service life and can withstand high current density.
Since the titanium anode is an insoluble anode, it will not dissolve by itself, so there will be no leakage of anode sludge and other impurity metal ions to pollute the bath.

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