1. Titanium oxide coated anode

1. Base material: TA1
2. Coating: platinum series, ruthenium series, ruthenium series + multi-component metal oxide formula
3. Specifications: 10-1500mm
4. The use of this anode does not produce anode slime and does not pollute the plating solution, which can keep the plating density evenly distributed on the entire surface of the printed board, and the process is clean.

2.Niobium platinum anode

1. Base material: Niobium is used as the base material
2. Coating: platinum series
3. Specifications: 10-1500mm anode, 2-15μ platinum plating thickness
4. It adopts niobium-based platinum-plated anode, which can be used under the condition of extremely high current density as a special auxiliary anode.

3. Scope of application

Industrial electroplating, such as electroplating of nickel, chromium, copper, gold, galvanized and tinned steel, etc. are used as insoluble auxiliary anodes.

In a word, electronic electroplating involves chips, printed boards, connectors, lead frames and other devices. In recent years, new technologies and new processes in the electronic electroplating industry have been continuously developed and changed with each passing day. The corresponding anode technology should also be continuously improved, improved and innovated.

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