Electrolysis water disinfection technology is based on the theory of electrocatalytic oxidation and hydroxyl radicals, which generates hydroxyl radicals and strong oxidizing substances near the anode area through electrolysis of tap water, divided into direct electrolysis reaction and indirect reaction.

It can be applied to a variety of electrolysis method disinfection field, such as fruit and vegetable disinfector, through the direct current electrolysis of fresh water or tap water, to generate hypochlorous acid, free oxygen, hydroxyl radicals and trace ozone, these substances have peroxidation can be disinfected. The place where the electrolysis reaction occurs is mainly the electrolyzer, of which the electrode is the core component. Titanium electrodes are used in fruit and vegetable washing machine devices because of their good electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance, low energy consumption and stable electrode size.

Baoji Highstar Titanium Metal is a professional manufacturer of titanium electrodes for fruit and vegetable sterilizing and washing machines with many years of technical experience, producing titanium electrodes for fruit and vegetable sterilizing and washing machines with high corrosion resistance, stable performance, low working voltage and long working life. The shape and size can be designed and customized.

Basic technical parameters:

1、Type: titanium-based ruthenium noble metal mixed oxide coating

2、Using voltage: 2V-30V, determined according to actual demand

2、Using medium: tap water

3、Designed service life: 1-3 years, 3-5 years (designable service life)

4, Size specification: plate, mesh, tube, or other shaped parts

titanium anode

Titanium Electrode 2

Can titanium be an anode?

Customized Fruit and Vegetable Disinfection Electrode

Scope of use:

1, all kinds of electrolysis method disinfection equipment

2、Fruit and vegetable sterilization machine

3、Food purification machine

4、 Intelligent kitchen and sanitary system

5、Intelligent disinfection toilet

6、Electrolyzed water machine, etc.

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