The electrode material is one of the key components of the electrodialysis desiccator. The electrode material is required to be resistant to oxidation and to reduction, that is, to be both an anode and a cathode. At present, an ideal electrode is preferably a multi-component metal anode containing ruthenium, which can meet the requirements of electrode reversal. At the same time, it has a low overpotential, has a power-saving performance, and has a longer service life than a general-coated metal anode.

After the advent of titanium electrodes, it showed unparalleled performance and was quickly used in many electrolysis industries. Titanium electrodes have the following advantages:

1. The anode size is stable, and the distance between the electrodes does not change during the point solution process, which ensures that the electrolysis operation is performed under stable tank voltage.
2. The working voltage is low, so the power consumption is small, energy consumption can be saved, and the DC power consumption can be reduced by 10% to 20%.
3. Titanium anode has a long working life. In the chlorine gas industry produced by diaphragm method, the metal anode is resistant to chlorine and alkali. The anode life has been more than 6 years, while the graphite anode is only 8 months.
4. It can overcome the problem of graphite anode and lead anode dissolution, avoiding the pollution of point solution and cathode products, thus improving the purity of metal products.
5. Increase current density. When electrolysis is carried out at a high working current density, it is preferred to use a titanium anode.
6. In the production of chlor-alkali, after using titanium anode, the product quality is high, the purity of chlorine gas is high, CO2 is not contained, the alkali concentration is high, and energy consumption is saved.
7. It is highly resistant to corrosion and can work in many corrosive and special electrolytic media.
8. Avoid the short circuit problem after the lead anode is deformed, thus improving the current efficiency.
9. Titanium anodes are light in weight and reduce labor intensity.
10. With metal anodes, high temperature, high current density operation of the chlorate bath is possible.
11. The low overpotential characteristics, the bubbles between the electrodes and the electrodes are easily eliminated, which is an important reason for the voltage drop of the metal anode electrolytic cell.

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