The use of gr2 pure titanium tube is very extensive. This is the temporary inventory table we have compiled. Of course, some specifications are currently in small quantities. We can also produce according to specifications. The surface can be used as bright or pickled surface, outer diameter and wall thickness. The size can be customized as needed.

At the same time, in addition to pure titanium tube, we can also provide gr9 titanium tube, the standard is also ASTM B338.
Gr9 is often used as a bicycle frame. The stock is as follows:

Outer diameter:6.35mm  thickness:0.89mm    6.35*0.89*2464mm

Outer diameter:7.11mm  thickness:0.71mm    7.11*0.71*2464mm

Outer diameter: 8mm  thickness:0.5mm            8*0.5*3000mm

Outer diameter:9.53mm  thickness:1.07mm    9.53*1.07*2464mm

Outer diameter:11.86mm  thickness:0.71mm    7.11*0.71*2464mm

Outer diameter:15.15mm  thickness:1.15mm

Outer diameter:16mm  thickness:0.9mm

Outer diameter:19mm  thickness:10.9mm

Outer diameter:19.05mm  thickness:0.85mm

Outer diameter:22.2mm  thickness:0.9mm

Outer diameter:22.2mm  thickness:1.2mm

Outer diameter:22.2mm  thickness:1.5mm

Outer diameter:25.4mm  thickness:2.24mm

Outer diameter:27.2mm  thickness:1.2mm

Outer diameter:28.6mm  thickness:0.9mm

Outer diameter:28.6mm  thickness:1.2mm

Outer diameter:28.6mm  thickness:1.55mm

Outer diameter:31.6mm  thickness:1.2mm

Outer diameter:31.8mm  thickness:1.2mm

Outer diameter:31.8mm  thickness:0.9mm

Outer diameter:34.9mm  thickness:0.9mm

Outer diameter:34.9mm  thickness:1.55mm

Outer diameter:36mm  thickness:1.6mm

Outer diameter:36.5mm  thickness:1.65mm

Outer diameter:38.1mm  thickness:0.9mm

Outer diameter:40mm  thickness:0.9mm

Outer diameter:40mm  thickness:3.5mm

Outer diameter:42mm  thickness:0.9mm

Outer diameter:44.5mm  thickness:0.9mm

Outer diameter:44.8mm  thickness:7mm

Outer diameter:45mm  thickness:0.95mm

Outer diameter:45mm  thickness:3.5mm

Outer diameter:48mm  thickness:1mm

Outer diameter:50.8mm  thickness:0.9mm

Outer diameter:60mm  thickness:1mm

Outer diameter:63.5mm  thickness:1.22mm

Outer diameter:65mm  thickness:5mm

Outer diameter:69.85mm  thickness:1.27mm

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