Size: 2.0*100*1000mm
Coating: Ruthenium Iridium Double -sided coating
Coating thickness: 8-10um
Electrode: 8PCS
Wiring column size: M24*100mm (with titanium nut)

2PCS titanium electrode components mmo titanium anode Ruthenium Iridium Double -sided coating

titanium electrode products
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Titanium electrodes for swimming pool disinfection

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Titanium anode for electrolysis industrial wastewater

Titanium anode for descaling cooling tower

Titanium electrode for sodium hypochlorite generator

Titanium Anode for Cyclone Electrolysis

Titanium anodes for sterilizing electrolyzers

Titanium anode for electrolytic copper extraction

Titanium anode for electrodialysis seawater desalination

Platinum coated titanium electrode products

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